Tuesday, 12 June 2007

World Computer Chess Championship

Phil Dornbusch has let me know that, starting today, his Chess & Strategy blog will be carrying a series of 'on the spot' articles from the World Computer Chess Championship:

Exclusif: Chess & Strategy publie ce matin un reportage sur le championnat du Monde des ordinateurs à Amsterdam, un premier article signé Fabian Brau, notre correspondant sur place.

I have a couple of computer engines, Fritz on my PC and a free version of Hi-arcs on the Mac, but am never tempted to play against them, just using them in the background when I'm analysing a game.

With the 24/7 availability of human opponents online, do you ever play a game against Fritz, Junior, Rybka or any of the other engines out there?


Anonymous said...

I'd suggest getting a pda and running palm/pc hiarcs on it. You can analyse games at will, and you don't need to boot up your PC (also PC programs are way too strong). I also think Hiarcs (being British) is an excellent human like program. I'm still unclear why Rybka is so much better ..

Gary Murphy

Ryan said...

Rybka is certainly much stronger than Hiarcs, Fritz, or Junior.


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