Friday, 15 June 2007

Chess master: Anna Matnadze

International Master Anna Matnadze chess
Chess Tales had some visits today from possibly the longest name in the blogosphere: LAS, Las aventuras de Sarakhatkhan. Of course, I had to check to it out. It turns out the blog belongs to International Master and Women's Grandmaster Anna Matnadze.

Anna's blog is quirky, fun and full of photos. She's the latest in a long line of fabulous women players from Georgia (her rating is about to climb to 2409) but is residing in Barcelona and blogs in Spanish.

I'll work hard on some excuses to feature a lot more of Anna on Chess Tales!


dutchdefence said...

Mmm... Pretty grandmaster ;-)

Anonymous said...

She must have seen you in the Hartlepool photos. Lucky boy!

Anonymous said...

she looks gorgeous and wonderful, have you made friends with her?


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