Monday, 11 June 2007

Bishop pawns: the solution

On Saturday I showed you a line in a bishop and bishop pawn vs. knight ending, reaching this position:

Bishop vs Knight chess ending

I then asked you to find the first 2 moves of Black's drawing solution from here.

The draw relies on a stalemate theme (bishop pawns are an interesting customer when it comes to stalemate themes). In this position, Black should play:

1 ... Ka8!

when 2 Kxc8 is stalemate

and if 2 Kc6 then 2 ... Nb6! and again any capture of the knight gives stalemate.

So, White can make no progress and the game is drawn.

Several of you spotted the first move, but finding the second ... Nb6 proved more difficult.

Whilst knight endings are relatively uncommon, it does pay to know some of the drawing (and winning) resources.

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