Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Chess photos: another blog

I pulled today's picture of Keres, Botvinnik, Euwe, Reshevsky and Smyslov from one of Sarah Beth's many chess blogs.

It has to be said her blogs are a nightmare to navigate, but she has written a huge amount of material and amalgamated a wonderful collection of chess photos (including the odd and the unusual).

I suggest starting your read at "Sarah's Journal Archive", although some of you might want to jump straight into "Chess - Romance, Love and Sex".

The one thing that seems to be missing from Sarah's sites is information about who she is. I'm guessing she's American, anyone know anymore?

1 comment:

Ryan Emmett said...

Sara Beth is now contributing to www.chess.com under the name 'batgirl'. Her profile there says she is from North Carolina, USA.



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