Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Antique Chess Books on eBay

I've listed 3 wonderful 'antique' chess books (all first editions) on eBay today:

The USSR Chess Championship Leningrad 1963, won by Stein ahead of a field that included Spassky, Korchnoi, Bronstein, Polugayevsky, Geller, Taimanov, Furman, Cholmov. One of the nice 'quirks' about this book is that includes a description of the benefits of algebraic notation.

The Delights of Chess by Assiac. Published in 1960 this is a collection of annotated games, essays and anecdotes about the world of chess, players and tournaments throughout the late 1950s. It is written by Heinrich Fraenkel, author of the famous Assiac column in the New Statesman.

And finally, the pièce de résistance, Reti's Best Games, chosen and annotated by Golombek. One of the finest games collections ever written: 70 games, and much more, played by the great Hypermodern who died tragically young from Scarlet Fever.

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