Saturday, 16 June 2007

Chess picture challenge

Lest any of you should be worried that recent articles featuring Anna Matnadze and Almira Skripchenko show Chess Tales adopting a certain sexual bias, let me quickly balance the coverage by showing this photo of two fine young men:

The photo is scanned from the February 1989 edition of Schach Report, and shows them at the European Junior Chess Championships where they tied for first place. They both went on to become Super Grandmasters and compete in the candidates matches. Can you name them?

The first rule of chess club is... nobody talks about chess club


Francesco said...

Kamsky and Gelfand

Roger Coathup said...

Hi Francesco,

I've had email suggesting Kamsky as well, but it is not him.

You are correct about Gelfand though.

Good luck getting the second player.

Best regards, Roger

bernicky said...

I bet there is going to be a lot of luck involved in finding out who the second player is. :)

I'll have a guess (not that I know enough about chess to guess) - Gennadij Timoscenko.

Roger Coathup said...

Sorry, not Timoscenko either.

I've had a couple of emailers who guessed the other player correctly (although one was at the second attempt).

I'll give you all another 24 hours before publishing the answer.


Philippe said...

Hi Roger,

I would say Dreev and Gelfand in Arnhem 1988

Best Regards,
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