Thursday, 21 June 2007

How they used to open

Howard Staunton Chess PlayerStaunton's "The Laws and Practice of Chess" (see eBay listing) is split into three 'books': the first deals with the laws and a guide to playing the game, and the second two books to 19th Century opening theory.

Amazingly, the entire second book (50+ pages) is devoted to the King's Bishop Opening (1 e4 e5; 2 Bc4).

The final book, some 361 pages, covers the theory of all the other openings. Our question for today is to guess how many of those pages are devoted to the King's Gambit:

A) 90 pages
B) 120 pages
C) 150 pages?

I'll post the regular Friday chess puzzle before I leave for Hawick tomorrow.

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