Saturday, 23 June 2007

Reality check

After the success at Hartlepool, Hawick has given me a harsh chess reality check.

I played two poor games in the opening rounds, losing to a well-found combination after just handful of moves in round 1, and then swinging an endgame win in round 2, but only after having a lost position earlier in the game.

In round 3, the game appeared to be going well, and I was looking forward to crowning a strong attacking position, when I suddenly realised there was no good defence to a simple counter-threat by my opponent.

I ended up withdrawing from the tournament, something I haven't done for many years. I'll post some of the games later.


Martin said...

Never mind Roger. It seems like you didn't really settle after your bad start. Everyone has some quick defeats with black, she was lucky.
Also the blog puts extra pressure on you- I hate telling people about my losses, it was bad enough when it happened.You don't need to show us all of the games.
Take care Martin

Roger Coathup said...

Lindsay was a bloke (Scottish names!), and in fairness, he found a very good combination, then followed up with the strongest moves as well, i.e. Qg3 and Ne4, instead of the more obvious Qc6.

I showed the loss for the instructive combination as much as anything else.

I'll show the winning endgame as well!

Martin said...

sorry lindsay!


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