Friday, 1 June 2007

New Chess Sites

I've been contacted by a couple of new chess sites that look quite interesting.

Chessdom is a mix of news, interviews, tournament reports and bits and pieces. They have some grandmaster analysis (by GM Dmitrov) and interviews with high profile players. They also claim to be the official media partner for a number of top tournaments that are coming up. Content is a little sparse at the moment, but it could be one to watch. The site is Bulgarian and available in English, Bulgarian and Russian. is a whole collection of things: forums, blogs, some news pieces, analysis, etc. A social networking site for chess if you like. They have definitely bagged the most desirable web address, and the site appears to have potential. At least one of our Chess Tales regulars is a contributor there.

There was one other, but they've not replied to my email, so we'll leave them off for now!

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Chess Teaching said...

Interesting links especially because you give some additional information about the sites.


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