Friday, 1 June 2007

New Amazon Feature

Amazon have come up with an interesting new 'product preview' feature. If you hover over the link below for the Chess Tales favourite:

Chess Endings: Essential Knowledge (Cadogan Chess & Bridge Books)

You should get a pop-up box with image, price, etc.

If you don't, please let me know, there are some compatability problems.

I often put recommended books on Chess Tales with links to Amazon so that you can buy them. The choice on Amazon for Chess is fairly limited, but the prices can be very low, and they pay a small commission on any sales. Unfortunately, the link is only to Amazon UK. Let me know if you'd like to see options for buying in other countries as well, or if you'd like links to specialist chess suppliers.


Ryan Emmett said...

Personally, I dislike these sort of link previews because I find them distracting and a nuisance.

Good advertising for Amazon though, of course...

Roger Coathup said...

Hi Ryan,

I know what you mean, although with these Amazon ones you have to hover on the link for a while before it appears... they don't keep popping up everytime you roll over one.

Best regards, Roger


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