Saturday, 9 June 2007

Soviet School update

The Soviet School of Chess sold on eBay. I'd hoped the book would raise more; the French buyer has picked up a wonderful bargain.

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The market for 'antique' chess books on eBay is hard to judge, although seems a lot quieter now than a year or two back. I've sold some great chess books for more than £50 (around $100) in the past; we'll see how the Botvinnik autographed book does, it's definitely a buyers market at the moment.

Have any of you Chess Tales readers had any experience of selling on eBay?


Anonymous said...


Let me know what you got for it...If it's by Kotov and Yodovich then I have a copy lying around too!

Paul D

Roger Coathup said...

Hi Paul,

yes, it's the Kotov & Yudovich, but this was the hardback 1958 original from the Foreign Languages Publishing House in Moscow. It only went for £9; I was expecting something around £20.



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