Monday, 2 April 2007

Playing chess moves in the wrong order

Karpov Kasparov playing chess moves in the wrong orderLast week, I wrote about chess blunders where you analyse a position correctly, but then inexplicably play your moves in the wrong order, using my game against Nepeina-Leconte as an example.

Whilst doing some research today in the Grünfeld Defence, I came across a World Champion experiencing the same problem.

Anatoly Karpov reached this position against Gary Kasparov in their 1990 match, and then delivered his moves in the wrong order. This is how he described it in his excellent "Beating the Grunfeld":

"32 Bd2??

An absurdity! I make the second move of the variation 32 Bf4 Bd6 33 Bd2 would give White somewhat the better chances..."

The game quickly finished in a draw: 32 ... Rxd5 33 Bf3 Rdd8 34 Bxa5 1/2

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