Monday, 30 April 2007

Bumping into Nigel Short

How often does Nigel Short ask you for advice on playing Kasparov?

That's what happened on Friday to Chess Tales. Ok, it was a 'tongue in cheek' request, but it was the real Nigel Short.
"I could do with some tips on playing Kasparov. Can you give me some advice?" Nigel Short

I'd posted a response on a MySpace forum about chess improvement, suggesting they checked out our Saturday tips on Chess Tales, when Nigel appeared asking for help. A couple of emails later, I had a new 'friend' on MySpace and a couple of comments from one of the truly great chess players to use on Chess Tales (Stay tuned).

Check out Nigel's fledgling MySpace blog for details of his globetrotting playing itinerary.

(p.s. My work, when I'm not playing chess or writing about it, involves helping businesses prepare for the future; I'm particularly interested in the Internet (Web2.0), Social Networks (like MySpace), Blogging and all that. You can check out one of my recent presentations.)


Ryan Emmett said...

Could you post a link to Nigel's blog please? Thanks. :)

Roger Coathup said...

Hi Ryan,

as Nigel's blog is on MySpace I think you have to be a member to read it.

I can't find any handy permalink to use, but you could try:

Let me know if that gets you in.



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