Monday, 9 April 2007

Chess quiz answers

Congratulations to Ryan Emmett for getting the 2 positions in yesterday's quiz:

Game 1 was Alekhine playing ... Re3 against Reti, and Game 2 was the final position from the immortal game (Anderssen - Kieseritzsky). Full scores tomorrow.

Ryan also commented on the subtleties in the 'simple' endgame test from Capablanca's Chess Fundamentals. The 'not so simple' winning line involves sacrificing one pawn to gain the opposition and Queen the second pawn, i.e. after 1 f5 g6 White plays:

2. fg Ke6 3. g5! Ke7 4. Ke5 Kf8 5. Kf6 Kg8 6. g7 Kh7 7. g8=Q+! Kxg8 8. Kg6 Kh8 9. Kf7 etc.

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