Saturday, 7 April 2007

European Chess Championships update

Sophie's unfortunately lost her first 4 games at the European Chess Championship (so, that's a parallel with Karpov's first foreign tournament!). She had a bye in today's 5th round, and hopefully will come out fighting tomorrow.

She was unfortunate in yesterday's 4th round, missing a great chance to enter a double edged ending with some winning chances. Her 3rd round game, against the World Champion (U12) was also interesting, although her opponent played some very impressive chess when the opportunities presented themselves. I'll give the games tomorrow.

At the top of the Women's section, Tatiana Kosintseva (a late entry, not a withdrawal as reported previously) leads with Zeinab Mamedjarova on 4/4, with Antoaneta Stefanova close behind. In the men's section, there is a log jam of players on 3.5/4. Unfortunately, the official site is still quite poor.

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