Monday, 9 April 2007

Edinburgh Chess Congress

Edinburgh Chess Congress
I haven't played many tournaments this season (September - April), but am going to play in the Edinburgh Chess Congress this coming weekend.

It's a FIDE rated event, and this, along with a change to the playing schedule at the nearby Durham congress, has enticed me to head up to Edinburgh.

I've only played 'north of the border' once before, and that was a complete disaster stemming from an idiotic decision to buy a tent and to try camping and chess. Hawick might be a decent place, but I hear the music from 'Deliverance' every time I look back on that weekend.

Anyway, I'll keep you up to date on preparation and the tournament on Chess Tales (my hotel selection criteria included 'free wireless Internet'; congratulations to the Radisson for offering it). If you are playing at the event, please say "hello" and claim your free Chess Tales T-Shirt (subject to availability).


Paul D said...

Good luck up there Roger - let's hope you hit some form tonight in preparation !

Roger Coathup said...

fingers and toes crossed!


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