Sunday, 1 April 2007

Final training session

Vassily Ivanchuk, top seed European Chess Championships

We've just had our final training session prior to the European Chess Championships; reviewing strategic ideas in one of our prepared openings, and then blitzing out a few practice games. The real action starts on Tuesday afternoon.

The tournament hasn't generated a lot of noise yet in the press, but expect Internet coverage on the 'usual suspects' such as TWIC and Chessbase. In the blog world, we'll be covering the event in some depth on Chess Tales, and expect Chess Vibes and others to be reporting. Having a competitor, Sophie Seeber, and her father writing should give us an enlightening insight into the event.

The official site is fairly sparse, but hopefully will improve during the event. You'll also be able to follow the games live on Playchess and the ICC.

Top seed Vassily Ivanchuk, ranked number 5 in the world, has won the super GM tournament in Linares on 3 occasions. This game from the 91 event shows him at his best as he dispatches World Champion Garry Kasparov:

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