Friday, 20 April 2007

Friday chess puzzle #2: Asztalos-Ban

This week's chess puzzle is from Asztalos vs Ban, Budapest 1956.

Asztalos vs Ban, Budapest 1956, Chess Tales Friday Puzzle

It's White to play and the question is: with best play is this position won, drawn or lost? And, give me the first 3 moves of your solution.

Answers by email to Roger AT 21Thoughts DOT com (solution will appear on Wednesday)

I sourced the position from 1960 book: "The Delights of Chess" by Assiac. Assiac was the name of Heinrich Fraenkel's long running chess column in the New Statesman. The book brings together and expands on all of his best columns, and includes such intriguing chapter titles as "Is this proper Marxism?" and "Dostoyevsky has nothing to do with it". The New Statesman is the same journal that Tony Miles wrote for.

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Ryan Emmett said...

Interesting puzzle. Clearly White has to take advantage of the unfortunate position of Black's King and Queen in order not to lose (and maybe win). This is my attempt at a solution...

1.Rh2+ gives two Black a choice of two moves. If Kg7 then 2. Rg2+ Kf8 (or anywhere) 3. Rxg8 Kxg8 and White wins because he can get his King to the square d4.

If after 1.Rh2+ Black plays Qh7 then Rxh7 doesn't work so 2.Kg2 Kg7 (or g8) 3. Rxh7+ and again White will get to the d4 square and win.


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