Sunday, 15 April 2007

Edinburgh Chess Congress: update

The first three rounds at the Edinburgh Chess Congress have been hard work. On Friday night, I got a promising position from the opening, but my young opponent kept his game together with a series of tactical shots. I won a pawn around time control, but was unable to convert rook + 2 vs. rook + 1 on the same side of the board, and after some 80 moves (with both flags about to fall) we reached a draw. Round 2 was similar, another junior, another 70+moves, but this time I was able to win the ending. Another draw in round 3 against Alan Grant (FIDE 2205) means I'm still in with a shout, but will need to win both games today.

IM Jacob Aagard is top seed, but he lost on Friday night, and conceded a draw on Saturday morning. Welsh FM Richard Jones is leading the tournament after 3 quick wins.

The venue, George Herriot's School, is magnificent, with stunning views of Edinburgh Castle, it's approaches and it's crags. Even so, with a big entry, the playing hall gets hot and cramped.

I wish I'd slept well, but that's another story involving air conditioning.

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