Monday, 2 April 2007

Alnwick Chess Club goes online

Duchess of Northumberland chess player?Alnwick Chess Club, the most northerly in England, in a 'Brave New World' for Northumberland clubs, has gone online. It's so northerly, we make them travel 20 miles south to play all their league games.

Alnwick as I'm sure all young Harry Potter fans will tell you is home to Hogwarts School (aka. Alnwick Castle), has been voted best market town in Britain, and boasts a magnificent set of Gardens (which include cannabis, coca, and other 'poisons' amongst the specimens). For me though, Alnwick will always be remembered for Edmund Blackadder bounding across the Castle green on his horse.

Alnwick also does a rather delightful line in Duchesses.

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