Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Re-discovering chess

Rich Dailey on his blog "Out of the Ether" has put together an interesting post, Rediscovering Chess - Part 1.

It reminds me of our "chess in the attic" series, but is woven around an intimate personal odyssey. If you were an 11 year old when Fischer met Spassky then I'm sure Rich's story will ring some bells.

Does anyone else remember Ed's Chess on the Tandy 1000? I'm trying to remember if there was a cartridge for my TI99/4A.

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rd said...

Hi Roger - I started digging thru my old floppy disk archives from the early nineties, looking for edchess, but then I came across it on the Internet at -


Wow - I didn't realize how rudimentary the graphics were. But it was all I had at the time that would run on my meager 4.7 mhz machine with a whopping 256k (that's K, one quarter of 1 megabyte, boys and girls). Nonetheless, I was thrilled with it.

Aye, times have indeed changed.

Rich Dailey


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