Friday, 11 May 2007

Friday chess puzzle 5

Our first puzzle today is from Gata Kamsky vs. Judit Polgar from their second round game at Buenos Aires in 1994:

Gata Kamsky vs Judit Polgar Buenos Aires Chess 1994

Judit began an attacking combination 5 moves previously, but Gata's threat to get a second queen with mate (d7-d8=Q) looks deadly. Can you see how Judit continued her combination and finished off the game quickly?

Our second puzzle is from Borisenko vs. Simagin at Moscow in 1955, and also features a White king on h3:

Borisenko vs Simagin Moscow Chess 1955

White will win if he can bring his king over the c file to assist his pawn, so, in response to 1 ... Qf1+, he played 2 Kg4. Can you see why this was a losing mistake?

Answers to roger AT 21thoughts DOT com. I'll post the solution next Wednesday.

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