Saturday, 26 May 2007

Chess improvement tips: summary

The structured chess improvement tips series that we've run over the last 6 weeks has been incredibly well received. This post concludes the series, giving you an index and some pointers to the future.

Chess Tales improvement tips:

  1. Introduction

  2. Know yourself

  3. Annotate your games

  4. Annotating your games: further pointers

  5. Your endgame databank

  6. Studying the classics

  7. Selecting your openings

  8. Learning an opening

  9. Tactical awareness

  10. Extending your repertoire

These are also the elements around which we base the Chess Tales coaching programme. Drop me a line on roger AT 21thoughts DOT com if you'd like to know more about our chess coaching.

I'll continue to post improvement tips (opening reviews, classic games, middlegame strategies, essential endings, etc.) on a less structured basis over the coming weeks. Please let me know which areas you'd like to see covered.

If you are looking for some great chess literature to help you in your studies, you should check out the Chess Tales 'must have' books list.

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