Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Friday chess puzzle 7: the solution

Petrosian Ivkov chess 1979

Last Friday's chess puzzle was from Tigran Petrosian vs. Boris Ivkov 1979.

The solution:

1 Rxd4 any piece x d4; 2 Rxe5+ Kg4; 3 h3 mate

As Chris Wardle points out, mate isn't forced because Black can play 1 ... Ke6 rather than recaputring, but a piece down would just be losing.

This is a famous position which apparently some immediately see the solution to, whilst for others (of a similar rating) the idea takes quite a while to spot.


rd said...

I had to give my niece Danielle the first move, then she immediately found the mate. She thought it was cool. Thanks... Rich

Roger Coathup said...

Hi Rich & Danielle,

big congratulations to Danielle. Yes, it's a nice finish. How are you getting on with today's puzzle, it's another cool idea!

Best regards, Roger


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