Friday, 11 May 2007

Chess on Peep Show

Peep Show chess

Chess made it onto Peep Show, British TV's top comedy programme, tonight. You can watch the whole episode online with Channel 4's on-demand service, 4oD, although last time I checked it wasn't compatible with Apple Macs (because of the DRM scheme)... which is kind of ironic as the Peep Show guys currently do the adverts for Macs over in the UK!


guillembaches said...

Danger! According to Technorati you are the 13th blog that link me. Please link me from another one too, I am very supercicious LOL:-)

By the way, I added your link at my Blog Roll too. THanks.


hisbestfriend said...

What episode is this?

Ryan Emmett said...

Thanks for the 'heads-up'. I really like Peep Show and will be watching tonight!

Roger Coathup said...

Ryan: it was on Channel 4 on Friday night... but should be free on 4oD for the next week.

Roger Coathup said...

It's the episode when they go off an canal barge for Mark's 'stag cruise'... the chess computer goes along (oh, and there's a barbequed dog!)

Roger Coathup said...

Ah Guillermo,

I can't do much about the 'mala suerte'... maybe some of the other Chess Tales readers can help.

Ryan Emmett said...

Very funny, but chess is still used to signify a 'nerd' unfortunately. :(


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