Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Friday chess puzzle 6: An apology

Apologies to all of you who spent time looking for the 'forced mate' solution to Friday's chess puzzle.

Unfortunately, there isn't one... the line played in the game, and the expected 'solution' was:

1 ... Qh2+; 2 Kxh2 Rxf1+; 3 Kh3 Rh5+; 4 Kg4 Rf4+; 5 Kg3 Rff5+; 6 Kg4 Rfg5 mate

But, there is a hole in this: instead of 4 Kg4, White can play 4 Qh4. Black is still considerably better but the immediate mate is prevented.

As other first moves for Black also lead to considerable advantage, the puzzle is somewhat spoiled. My post earlier this week had more on the theme of the aesthetic (in this case the queen sacrifice on h2) vs practical in chess.

I'll try to do better with this week's puzzle.

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