Monday, 2 July 2007

British Championships deadline

The deadline for my entry to the British Chess Championships is drawing near and it's starting to look increasingly likely that I won't play.

The tournament is 2 weeks long in a distant seaside town (Great Yarmouth) in the height of the summer holidays; finding accommodation is proving very difficult. I'd love to play in the event, but want to be comfortable. I don't want to be cooped up in a small B&B for so long.

The ideal would be a cottage with Internet connection, but, even if one were available, the accommodation combined with the high entry fee would take the cost to take part in the tournament to over £1500 (US $3000). That's just way too much.

The Scottish Championships, 9 rounds in Edinburgh in July, looks far more enticing. Failing that, it will be the Isle of Man at the end of September and the chance to battle against some big names.


Chris the Haymarket Sage said...

Cumbernauld is in Lanarkshire, convenient for Glasgow but a 2½ hour bus journey from Edinburgh. If it was in Ed or even close I'd be playing in it and would offer you accommodation.

Roger Coathup said...

cheers ... I thought the championships was in Edinburgh!

What are you doing up there?

Chris the Haymarket Sage said...

Hanging out at the second best chess club in the world, absorbing a little culture and a lot of water, rearranging my digs and putting off getting a job.


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