Monday, 19 March 2007

Sophie's build up to Dresden

Martin Seeber writes his first post for Chess Tales:

Sophie's participation in the European chess championships is a very exciting adventure.

Tomorrow ITV will record an interview with Sophie including a fun game against their reporter. They've challenged Sophie to win in 25 moves. So we are looking for a Queen sacrifice and a red faced reporter. Its all going to be filmed in front of a big fire which reminds us all of the beauty of chess on those Northern winter nights.

Sophie is preparing for the tournament. Firstly, we have decided the best approach is to be more attacking than usual and we've picked White systems which are a bit more aggressive than Sophie's usual repertoire. The reasoning behind this is Sophie will be out-graded by many opponents and will need to fight hard for points.
We're learning the 4 pawns attack this week.


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