Friday, 23 March 2007

Chess in Australia

One of the great things about Chess Tales is that our readership is spread all over the world, from China to the States, Egypt to Iceland, Bolivia to Scandanavia and all over the rest of Europe. It's particularly pleasing to see people from unexpected places like Saudi Arabia, Libya, Vietnam, Japan and the Phillipines, and from chess meccas like Moscow and Reykjavik. As a film buff though my favourite so far has to be Skokie, Illinois (answers on a postcard please!).

I was just getting ready to bemoan the lack of Australian readers, and even question whether chess was played there, when we got our first visitor from 'down under' (Laverton, Melbourne). Aussie Grandmaster Ian Rogers used to play regularly in Europe, but players making the long journey are definitely a rarity.

International Master and profilic author Gary Lane is an Englishman who went the other way. He now represents Australia, and even had the temerity to mercilessly slay 'our own' Nigel Short at the last Olympiad.

Gary and I played at the Isle of Man tournament a few years back, where he found an excellent 'surprise' move that won on the spot with almost all the material remaining on board. Check out Gary's regular column at Chess Cafe, and be sure to pose him some difficult questions.

Roger Coathup - Gary Lane, Port Erin 2003
1 d4 Nf6; 2 c4 g6; 3 Nc3 Bg7; 4 e4 d6; 5 Be2 0-0; 6 Bg5 Na6; 7 h4 e5; 8 d5 c6; 9 h5 h6; 10 Be3 Nc5; 11 Qc2 cd; 12 cd Qa5; 13 Bd2 Bd7; 14 hg fg; 15 a3 Qc7; 16 f3 Nh5; 17 b4 Na4; 18 Rc1 Ng3; 19 Rh2 Qb6! 0-1 White is powerless against the threat of Qxg1

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The Closet Grandmaster said...

Hey Roger...can't do ATM mate. Been quite on the blog lately due to work. In fact, I'm off to the UK in a couple of weeks for work then back immediately after that. But I'll see if I can write you something.



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