Saturday, 24 March 2007

Sophie hopes to make checkmates in Europe

You can check out the Hexham Courant newspaper's coverage of Sophie online: "Sophie hopes to make checkmates in Europe"


Anonymous said...

good news for sophie, but i personally think this makes a mockery of british chess, a 111 ecf going to the european chess champions? she wont make an impact at all, because shes not good enough. yes a good experience it would be, but i dont understand why something like this is making an article, im sure anyone can get in there if she can, sorry.

Anonymous said...

good stuff sophie, well done, look forward to seeing how you get on.

Roger Coathup said...

Sophie will definitely face some tough competition in Dresden, but I expect her to put in a performance she can be proud of.
On the media coverage, isn't backing the courageous underdog part of the British psyche? We get scant little attention in chess, so I think we should celebrate our successes.

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry but i totally disagree with that comment below
sophie has worked hard and deserves to get where she is
and quite frankly mr comment below i think you are obviously jealous because you don't have the same talent as her.
that is all

Anonymous said...

no i dont, which is why i am graded 210 and yet havent been invited to the euopean chess championships. she obviously has much more talent. whatever.

Peter Sowray said...

Nice post - and I wish Sophie every success in Dresden. I am sure it will be an incredible experience.

The European Championships are open to all. Some of England's strongest players will also be competing. See the ECF web site for details.

Anonymous said...

firstly who are you? You could at least let people know who you are. And why do you have such a negative attitude? England is represented by some very strong players whatever happens and Sophie can't make a mockery out of British chess. If she loses all her games we can say it was expected and no face will be lost. If she wins games or even just puts up a good fight it will look good for Britain.
Then you say you don't understand why this is making an article, but people are interested to hear positive things like this, and also it lets people leave their opinion. You personally have left two comments and you have learnt that you can play in the european championships. Something you obviously haven't known before.
And now you know that anyone can play don't you think it's pretty confident of her to go out to Dresden and try to play at that level?


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