Wednesday, 21 March 2007

The 'film' set at Matfen Hall

Yesterday was a long day with radio first thing, TV and Newspaper in the afternoon, and a league match to play in the evening. Everything went really well though.

The BBC Radio Newcastle interview ran all morning as a main news headline "local schoolgirl dusts off her knights for European battle", we'll try and get a podcast to download.

In the afternoon the Morpeth Herald sent a photographer who met up with us at Matfen Hall and grabbed a few pictures, but the highlight had to be the 3-hour TV shoot with Alastair and Ben Chapman from ITV Tyne Tees. Looking at the footage on the monitor, our small news piece was shaping up like a work of film art: low angles, close ups, rotating boards, dwindling candles in a darkened library (very "Tales of the Unexpected"). The guys are editing the piece this morning, and hopefully it should air on the 6pm news this evening. If ITV are kind to us, we'll get a copy to play from the blog.

The library restaurant at Matfen looked great for the piece, and thanks are due to David Hunter and the staff there who were incredibly helpful.

Ok, I wasn't being entirely truthful before, of course the highlight wasn't the TV shoot, it was my game of chess against Dave Weldon in the evening. Unfortunately for Dave, I seem to save my one good game / season for our encounters:

Roger Coathup - Dave Weldon, Hexham 20th March 2007
1 d4 Nf6; 2 c4 e6; 3 Nc3 d5; 4 cd ed; 5 Bg5 Be7; 6 e3 Nbd7; 7 Bd3 Nf8; 8 Nge2 Ne6; 9 Bh4 0-0; 10 0-0 c6; 11 Qc2 g6; 12 f3 Nh5; 13 Bf2 f5; 14 Rad1 Bh4; 15 g3 Bg5; 16 e4 fe; 17 fe de; 18 Ne4 Bh6; 19 Bc4 Kh8; 20 d5 cd; 21 Bd5 Qe7; 22 Qc4 Bg7; 23 N2c3 Ng5; 24 Bc5 Rf1+; 25 Rf1 Qe5; 26 Ng5 Qg5; 27 Ne4 Qe5; 28 Rf8+ Bf8; 29 Bd4 1-0

We'd turned up for the match a man short (my mistake!), but fortunately John Morton, David Henderson and Paul Dargan also delivered to keep our slim title hopes alive.

ITV News Stills


Alicia said...

im so very very proud
i did squeal
u sounded sooooo geordie
well done babez

Skelly said...

I've got the thing recorded if we can't get it any way, but it's pretty poor quality.

You sounded great though Sophie.

I've even more proud than Alicia


James S said...

Soph you ledge well done on all chessy stuff. Your section in this weeks MORPETH HERALD rocks and it even mentioned ur sponsorshipp wahoo. I'm proud the mostest(it may not be a word but sounds gud)
cya 2moro xxx

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Good luck in dresden during the holidays Go beat the world haha

Anonymous said...

Saw you on itv1 local news tonight you looked awesome and deserve more sponsorship. Go Sophie

Anonymous said...

Well done beating the reporter in less than 25 moves did you ever get that 50p or were they tight?
see you tomorrow

Anonymous said...

How spooky did your tv piece look i was well spooked out. how funny would it have been if a ghost wandered past lol


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