Saturday, 4 August 2007

'Friday' Chess Puzzle 17

Our latest Friday Chess Puzzle...

Ok, I know it's Saturday; my children have been playing in a football tournament this week, which has kept me away from the computer.

... is from Brighton 1983. Nunn won the all-play-all event, with Watson and Short tying for second place. Short was brutal against the overseas opposition, scoring 5 out of 5, but struggled against his fellow brits.

In this position he has the Black pieces, and has just played the seemingly crushing ...Qa3. Can you see how Hodgson, playing White, finished him off?

Answers to Chess Tales. I'll post the solution next Wednesday.


Anonymous said...


Prashant said...

Hello Mr. Roger
Long time no c.
This one is good...
One continuation is...
1.Qh8+!! Kxh8
2.Be6 mate.
If the king doesnt take the queen, then 1...Kf7...then 2.Nd5+ and so on...


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